Millions of Christians look
great on Sunday then switch God OFF by Monday morning a distinct switch
to a form of practical atheism. No God on Monday! This reality is
undermining God’s purposes for our work and our lives. Monday’s are
hurting workers, families, churches and business alike. It’s time for a
Monday Switch a switch to God’s way of working. Imagine yourself, your
church, your business switching God ON at work in ways you have never
imagined! More purpose, peace, and power.In this teleseminar you will discover:Why our actions often reveal we live as an atheist.Why your work life matters to God.How to reinforce Biblical truth no matter if you are Switching God OFF at work or not.Practical actions and methods to help you Switch God ON each Monday.How you can receive more from God at work — joy, peace and purpose.Buy the book Monday Morning Atheist for $20.00 & receive free registration to the teleseminar plus later .Mp3 download of the call – FREE!Or register for the
call only for any size donation


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