More than 150 million Americans face crossroads in their careers. Over 20 million are unemployed or underemployed. Of those employed, 52% are dissatisfied with their jobs, and 72% are not engaged in their work. When church members are unemployed, underemployed, or misemployed, it affects the life and vitality of the church. The solution is a spiritually vibrant yet practical career ministry that – (1) Helps people find jobs, careers and, God’s calling. (2) Catalyzes the growth of evangelism, discipleship, and care ministries in churches. (3) Develops an even healthier church culture of worshippers, givers, and servant leaders. >> Join hundreds of churches that are already experiencing the joy of helping people through job search, career development, and life transformation.

This valuable book will inspire readers to: (1) Understand that the number one thing that most people want is a good job. (2) Realize that the number one Person everyone needs is Jesus. (3) Identify with stories of real people who have successfully navigated this journey of career fulfillment. (4) Accept that career ministry addresses all church members’ day-to-day living in three practical ways. (5) Trust that “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand…” (6) Catch the vision for career ministry – the “why” of it. (7) Define what career ministry is and how to launch it effectively.

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