Stuart seems to have the perfect life-a great career as a CEO, a lovely wife, and two wonderful children. However, just below the crumbling facade, he is steeped in guilt and shame. His life is a disaster and is about to explode.

His world unravels as the burden of living a double life becomes too heavy and out of the blue, the Board demands his resignation. The prospect of sharing the news of his unemployment with his wife is more than he can bear and suicidal thoughts become entrenched in his mind. He decides the best thing to do is to end it all, but his friend Abe interrupts his disastrous scheme.

Every year Abe and Stuart plan an adventurous weekend. This year they’ll hike through a range of mountains Stuart has never experienced and he decides to use the adventure to find the perfect cliff for an “accidental” fall.

Yet it is no accident that Stuart and Abe team up with other hikers who
represent every constraint in Stuart’s life: fear, pride, doubt, anger, and lust. Stuart’s eyes are opened to leadership skills he’s never seen or heard of before.

Leaders learn how to address and remove personal and professional constraints in order to build healthy relationships. The results are ethical fortitude, increased productivity and profitability, and unending personal growth. Only then can Individuals be a continual positive influence in other people’s lives.

The Hike is life changing and reveals the missing link to transforming and
successful leadership.

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Ford Taylor is the Founder of The FSH Group, which is comprised of Transformational Leadership Training, the FSH Strategy Consultant division and the charitable FSH Foundation.

Ford is known as a man who can solve complex business issues, with straightforward practical solutions, while maintaining his focus on the people that serve the organization. After completing a Business Management degree from Texas A&M University, he jumped into becoming an owner/operator of small apparel company named CC Creations.

This small company grew to the publicly traded Brazos Sportswear Corporation. The company grew from a few small individual investors to a 300 Million-Dollar operation. In 1997 Ford and his family moved to Cincinnati to serve as the CEO of this growing company.

Ford eventually left his role as CEO of Brazos Sportswear to help grow and develop other companies through business consulting. Further he went on to start the ministry of Transformation Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky for the purpose of unifying leaders across the region to impact improvement in their local communities. Due to a rising to market demands he founded later FSH Strategy Consultants, Inc. The company is currently comprised of teams that provide leadership training and strategic consulting. Individuals and teams achieve transformation by addressing and removing personal and professional constraints. He is now known and dearly loved for his passion to see lives and organizations better equipped to serve their communities and families.

Ford Taylor is the co-author of the book "the Hike" which contains many of the principles found in the Transformational Leadership material (Training). The material is a result of specific solutions to a long history of transforming multiple companies and individual lives.

Ford and his wife of 32 years, Sandra, live in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are blessed with three lovely daughters, Whitney, Emily, and Quincy.