Profiling well-known leaders who’ve had a fall from grace, this book notes the common traits, warning signs, and, most importantly, a plan for avoiding such deadly traps of the soul. Every leader needs to read this book to avoid the pitfalls common to every leader.

Your head sits heavily in your hands as the last employee turns out the light and goes home for the night, leaving you alone in the dark with your failure and desperation.  This scene is played out daily in offices all over America as leaders in corporations, churches, and organizations free-fall from moral or ethical failure.

Wayde Goodall has observed this quagmire for decades, counseling those who have thrown away their families and their futures for a moment of pleasure or profit.  Profiling well-known leaders who’ve had a fall from grace, Goodall notes the common traits, warning signs and, most importantly, a plan for avoiding such deadly traps of the soul.

For every man who has found himself in this terrible dilemma — and to those who can still avoid it — this book is like a beacon.  There is a fail-safe guide for remaining on the right path, and Why Great Men Fall illustrates that safe route in a riveting way.

Issues covered inside the pages of this powerful book:

  • Why Great Men Fall
  • Entitlement
  • Entrepreneurs without Balance
  • Compartmentalization
  • Expectation of Silence
  • The Sex Issue
  • Integrity
  • Anger
  • Accountability
  • Conscience
  • Mentors and Coaches
  • Ethics
  • Stress and Pressure
  • Money
  • Depression and Moods
  • The One Who Can Keep You from Falling
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As a full-time missionary, Dr. Wayde Goodall started Vienna Christian Center in Vienna, Austria, which today is one of the largest evangelical churches in Europe. He holds Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Northwest Graduate School of Ministry. He also holds an M.A. degree in counseling from Central Michigan University and a B.A. degree in Bible and one in psychology from Southern California College. Currently, He is senior pastor of First Assembly of God in Winston-Salem, NC.