God gave us emotions to enhance our lives. The emotion fear was intended to alert us to danger through our fight or flight ability.

However, much of mankind lives with fear on a daily basis. Every one of us has been subjected to fear. It may have been fear of tomorrow, fear of failure, fear of the unknown or fear of spiders.

Perhaps it was fear working in us as anxiety. Perhaps we think of it as stress, the modern term for what the Bible refers to as fear. Many lives are ruled by fear. This kind of fear was not given to us by God. This kind of fear does not warn us or protect us. This kind of fear brings destruction.

This book helps us recognize when fear is our enemy and equips us to overcome it so we can live in peace, as God intended.

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  • Publisher: Be In Health (2008)
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5 reviews for Fear: Overshadowing Your Life, by Pastor Henry Wright

  1. R. Jack Atkins

    I suggest everyone read this book. Brings to focus the reality of Satan’s work in our lives through fear. The author does a great job of reminding us Jesus forever gained the victory for us.

  2. carol mcandrew


  3. Ken Jennings

    This has been a most fantastic book it has given me a lot of help in that area of my life were I struggle. Ken Jennings

  4. Penny Long

    The best book I’ve read on fear and how to overcome fear.

  5. Leslie Hartzog

    I have read half-way through the book and it is an excellent source to help Christians who are under the attack of this demonic spirit. Thank you for making this available.

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Henry W. Wright is the senior pastor of Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia, and the president and founder of Be in Health Global. Be in Health Global is a network of doctors, psychologists, pastors, and other individuals around the world who work with the medical community and spiritual leaders to share information about disease and spirituality. Wright has presented seminars worldwide and across broad denominational lines for a number of years. Recognized for his understanding of disease from a spiritual perspective, he is a frequent guest on many well-known television and radio programs.