This unique “quick-read” book will quite likely create a major paradigm shift in your thinking about money, convict you about your current financial outlook, and free you to live in God’s abundant provision. It begins as a story (parable) of 3 men living along three rivers and then goes into a Biblical teaching on the spirit of Mammon, sparrow faith, and receiving more of God’s unlimited resources to channel into His Kingdom. You’ll want to order several extra copies to give to friends to encourage them to move to the third river!

“Holy Spirit has used this book to absolutely revolutionize my thinking about money in a way no other book on money and finances has. The parable of the three rivers and the teaching that follows can help you gain a new understanding of a lifestyle that depends on God’s provision and blesses others with the resources God has entrusted to you. I highly recommend this as the next book you read!” -Joey Watkins Founder,

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29 reviews for Living on the Third River, by Craig Hill

  1. Anonymous

    Living on the Third River is based on a vision that Craig Hill had in which he saw a mountain with three different rivers on it. The book discusses the meaning of each of the rivers and God’s provision. It’s interesting to note that there is a difference between money and provision and provision is not always the same as money. The spirit of Mammon and sparrow faith are also discussed. I can testify that since I have started tithing I seem to be more blessed and there is almost a hedge around me that wasn’t there before.

  2. scott mathis

    I received everything very quickly and the book is fabulous. Thank You all for the job you do in helping all of us grow and become more like CHRIST. Best Wishes, Scotty Mathis

  3. Paul Lennet

    Good and timely reminder to Christians. Thank you Greg! May GOD continue to reveal you more on the subject keeping the marriage in the same focus! Paul

  4. David

    Even though this book is short, it is a very convicting and encouraging view of managing the resources that God give us and His provision for us. I found myself on the first and second rivers and am moving towards living on the third river. Great visual description of God’s vast resources that are available if we will only channel them to where He wants them to go. Highly recommend this book for a fresh perspective of stewardship.

  5. Linda Patterson

    Very good service

  6. R. H. Cooper, Jr.

    I bought tis book a few years agao and found it very insightful. I then gave it to a friend and decided to purchase another copy because it was so good.

  7. Becky Croasmun

    I have not had a chance to read the book yet as I am in college fill time and I have excessive amount of reading. I will be reading it during the summer break. I have glanced through it however and liked what I read

  8. Sandra Henderson

    Service was good,although I did not the download until a later time than expe

  9. Jean Michael

    A simple alegory of what the difference between just being blessed and being upheld by the blood covenant looks like. Very helpful for evangelism to go all the way into trusting the God of Abraham.

  10. Dave Fordice

    Very convicting.

  11. Vickie Sells

    I purchased the book for a young couple just getting married. I also purchased one for myself. One of the best books I have ever read and I am an avid reader.

  12. Katherine Webb

    I started reading the book an got interrupted, have been reading it in pieces, but what I have read is really good.

  13. Barbara Perkins

    I found this book to be a very ‘easy’ read. It solidifies the fact that God will always provide for our needs when we are faithful and have the right attitude toward what He has given to us. Sharing and giving with the right heart, what God has given to us, will bring blessings beyond what we could ever imagine!

  14. Jeanne Grace Curtis

    The Holy Spirit revealed truth to me about how the spirit of mammon was oppressing my life. I will walk in Sparrow Faith now. When I listened to the teaching by Craig Hill that came with my purchase of Five Wealth Secrets.. The Lord delivered me from the generational binding of mammon. I plan to set up my five jar financial planning. Blessings. Jeanne Grace Curtis Nails Your Way/Ministries For Christ, Inc.

  15. G. McDaniels

    I would highly recommend this book to others, as it provides a clearly modeled example of what Christ intended for how we are to steward and operate in Kingdom financial principles.

  16. Betsy A Rouse c/o Davis

    This was a simple but profound teaching, that I have had an opportunity to share with others. I will purchase his Five Wealth Secrets as soon as I am able.

  17. Lela

    The right way to look at money as it relates to our every day life.

  18. Hui Chung Liao

    God is our sole provider, when there is a chance in the channel, I should trust God and stay calm

  19. Deborah Daniels

    Excellent material. Highly Recommend it.

  20. Bret Glas

    My eyes have been opened to a new way of stewarding God’s resources and I want to live on the Third River!

  21. Donna Maas

    This book was very easy to read and understand. I could see myself in various times in my life. I am thankful that with God’s help I am moving closer and closer to the third River. I am sure anyone who takes the time to read this book thoughtfully will benefit. Come move into the neighborhood if you aren’t already here. It is a great place to be.

  22. Brent Feyter

    Craig Hill presents a solid picture of what living by faith looks like in being a vessel of the Word of God in his book ‘Living on the Third River’

  23. Armand Bodie

    Exvrllrmt reading..I do like the Author mey much
    Thanks AFB



  25. Leslie Running

    This book is excellent, it tell me that we should be living On the third River

  26. David Olynyk

    A good reminder that God is the source of our income, and we need to hold very loosely to it.

  27. Anne Worth

    Thank you for a gook in excellent condition, delivered promptly.

  28. Clark Grey Howell

    Since first reading “Living on the Third River” 4 years ago it has become one of my annual reads. Too, it has become the book I give away most frequently.

    The story of the three rivers and the understanding of Mammon not as money but the Philistine false god of finance alone are worth the purchase price. There is freedom to be had in these pages and abundance to be received as the truths therein are applied in life.

  29. Albert Crozier

    In these last days God is helping His children learn where to place their feet, the third river!!

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