City Transformation: Pipedream or a Legitimate Goal? With Ford Taylor and Os Hillman

Recorded February 10, 2011

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Transformation. It is a word we have heard a lot about in the last decade. Can a city, a community, a nation be transformed by God today? Can Christians have real influence in culture today? These are questions many in the Body of Christ are wrestling with these days. What is required if we really want to see change in our culture and our communities?

This teleseminar helps you understand how to view the topic of community, city and nation transformation. Ford Taylor is a co-founder of Transformation Cincinnati and a business leader. He shares his personal experience with what they have learned. Os Hillman has also been involved with many city transformation initiatives and shares what he is seeing and has learned.


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Ford Taylor grew up in Paris, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Texas A&M University and then went on to become owner/operator of an apparel company. Brazos Sportswear grew from a small company to a publicly traded corporation and Ford moved to Cincinnati with Brazos in 1997 to continue his executive leadership. In 2001 he left the CEO role to become an executive leadership consultant.

Today, Ford owns FSH Consulting Group, which is led by a team that provides leadership training, strategic consulting and executive coaching. His desire is to see individuals and teams achieve transformation by addressing and removing personal and professional constraints.