Are you willing to empower the next generation?

Do you know someone between the ages of 16-30?

Do they know what God has purposed for them?

Are they passionately seeking to fulfill God’s plan for the future and their relationship with Him?

Throughout the Bible, God talks about passing the baton to the next generation – from Elijah and Elisha, to the book of Psalms, to Paul and Timothy in the book of Acts. But with church attendance rapidly declining and little to no signs of revival in sight, how are we going to ignite today’s young leaders with a powerful message of Christ that is relevant to them today? And how are we doing this in the marketplace, the place that has a significant influence on culture?

Join us as we seek to understand the challenges facing this generation, and to empower them to take their place of influence.

Recorded on December 17, 2008


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