There is one thing we can all be sure of right now — we live in uncertain times. The media would have us believe we are on the way back, however, the indicators do not necessarily reflect this. How do we operate in a world that is very unpredictable right now? How can our faith be strong during such seasons? What do I need to know that will allow me to not only survive, but benefit from these uncertain times? That is what it means to be a Joseph: to position yourself to be a change agent and thrive in the midst of challenging days.

Business leadership coach and bestselling author Larry Julian helps people navigate “the gray zone,” those defining moments where we’re faced with dilemmas and decisions that don’t have black and white solutions; where our choices are often between bad or worse, and circumstances are filled with unanswered questions, ambiguity and uncertainty. If you feel stuck in the gray zone, take heart. Larry emphatically teaches, “Our true greatness lies within the gray areas. Uncertainty is the very catalyst to living a significant life and successfully leading others.”

In this teleseminar you will learn practical tips on dealing with the current economic recession and how to deal with uncertainty when you must carry on no matter what the economy is doing. Learn how to make better decisions and set the right priorities in your life.

You will discover:

-If you are reacting out of emotion versus being led by the Spirit
-Eight practical steps that will teach you how to live and lead in the context of uncertainty rather than becoming paralyzed by it
-Why giving up control is actually the best route to controlling your destiny
-How to use your creative potential to grow your business in a recession
-How to build on what you have vs. worrying about what you don’t have
-How to let who you are speak for what you believe
-How to transform pressure into power
-How to run your race at your God-given pace
-To be in the right place at the right time
-How to develop relationships as the currency that determine success


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Critically acclaimed author Larry Julian is a successful consultant and speaker specializing in leadership coaching and strategic planning. He is the author of the bestselling books, "God Is My CEO," "God Is My Success," and "God is my Coach." Julian’s coaching clients range from small business owners to CEOs worldwide. His corporate clients have included AT&T, 3M, General Mills, Mayo Clinic, Qwest, and numerous other organizations. He makes his home in Plymouth, Minnesota with his wife and children.