You can overcome the hindrances that keep you from fulfilling your destiny!

“I believe that the greatest desire of Satan, who hates God, is to be able to shake his finger in God’s face at the end of your life and declare to God, ‘Ha ha! You received no inheritance in that saint. He was here on the earth for ninety years, but never fulfilled any of the purpose for which You placed him here.’”

– Craig Hill, Family Foundations International

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us life abundantly and to give us a purpose, a hope and a future (Jer 29:11 and Jn 10:10). It also says that Satan came to steal, kill and destroy our lives (Jn 10:10). Satan literally tried to kill Moses and Jesus at birth. He wanted to snuff out their purpose and destiny. If he cannot do that, he will try to wound you so badly in childhood that you cannot live your life for God or experience meaningful relationships and purpose in your life.

Os Hillman has been helping men and women understand their purpose and destiny for over thirty years. He’s discovered that Satan has a planned strategy to derail Christians from God’s intended destiny for their life. He learned these lessons the hard way – through personal experience. You will find that the truths that are revealed in this book are not just a theory or a teaching, but are lessons learned from real-life hindrances that Os has discovered and overcome, and in some cases, still overcoming in his own life. He has helped many become free of their own hindrances to fulfilling their destinies. This book will help you do the same.

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5 reviews for Overcoming Hindrances to Fulfilling Your Destiny (eBook), by Os Hillman

  1. Beverly

    Excellent reading and an enlightening resource one can use daily when dealing with hindrances or disappointments, I would recommend book to others…

  2. Rich Dunston


  3. Ron Hart

    Os is a Pathfinder and brings revaluations for great teachers like Craig Hill and Henry Wright to understand who we are in Christ and the authority God has put on each of our lives.

  4. Jeanne Grace Curtis Nails Your Way

    Thank you for teaching the transforming work needed to renew and help us come into our destinies. God blesses me every time I read a book God has anointed you to write for us to become more mature in Christ. Thank you for your honesty and humility. We love you and your team.

  5. El

    This was a great read! Corroborated some things I have experienced in my own life. Many will find themselves in this book, and identify with Os. His answers to the questions raised are very practical in overcoming the problems. I am passing out copies to my friends!

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Os Hillman is president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization whose purpose is to help men and women discover and fulfill God’s complete purposes through their work and to view their work as ministry.

Formally Os owned an advertising agency but is now an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of faith at work. He is the author of 14 books and a daily email devotional called TGIF Today God Is First which has thousands of readers in 105 nations. Os hosts a national radio show, Faith, Work and Culture with Os Hillman. Os has been featured on CNBC, NBC, LA Times, New York Times, and many other national media as a spokesperson on faith at work. He is a regular contributor to TenTen magazine,,, and

Os is also president of Aslan, Inc. which provides a leading online “faith-at-work” Christian bookstore called to serve the needs of Christians in their workplace calling.

Os serves on the National Day of Prayer Committee and is a national board member for The Jesus Alliance.

Os attended the University of South Carolina and Calvary Chapel Bible School, a ministry of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California. Watch Os’ Video Testimony