What does Nehemiah have to do with your work life call?

The answer? A lot! The story of Nehemiah provides a great case study for a Christian marketplace leaders who want to succeed in business and calling.

Please join Os Hillman and author and speaker, Paul Cuny to discuss his new book

Nehemiah People: Destiny and purpose rediscovered through
the Nehemiah template.

Nehemiah People defines the sacred calling to bring divine order outside the walls of the church house in our generation. You will discover your destiny and purpose in society through Nehemiah People. This compelling book describes the development process, and the challenges men and women with this type of calling will most certainly face in our generation. This well researched book is filled with rich biblical insight and practical applications in a 21st Century context. Nehemiah People explains God’s endorsement process for men and women who will implement His solutions in our generation. This book issues the clarion call for you to fulfill those purposes. Our world is looking for solutions and the men and women of our generation with the heart and spirit of Nehemiah are the ones who carry those solutions. Nehemiah People will give you permission to be who God destined you to be in your generation!

In this session you will learn:

  • What every leader should do before he begins a major project
  • How to work with those in authority to gain support of your project
  • How to defeat the spiritual warfare that surrounds every project from God
  • How to work with your enemies
  • How to deal with character assassination
  • How to deal with differing spheres of authority

Recorded Tuesday April 14th 7-8pm EST.


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Paul L. Cuny is founder and president of MarketPlace Leadership International, a ministry dedicated to bringing the Biblical realities of the Kingdom to the marketplace around the world. Paul's business background gives him a unique ministry platform to teach the Biblical principles of the Economy of the Kingdom to marketplace people in many nations. He is an international conference and church speaker on the Kingdom Economy. Paul has taught the Kingdom principles of business and leadership at conferences and churches throughout Africa, South America, Central America and the U.S.