Teleseminar Mp3 Download on Understanding the Signs of the Times for 2011 and Beyond, with Bob Hartley, One of America’s Prophetic VoicesHosted by Os HillmanRecorded March 10, 2011Note:  We had a poor phone connection with Bob, but we have enanced the audio to make it clearerMembers of our Change Agent Network have FREE access to all teleseminars. Learn MoreDo you need a good dose of hope?Let’s face it. There has not
been a lot of good news lately. So how do we see God’s perspective when our
circumstances to avoid living in discouragement? Find out in teleseminar with one of the world’s most recognized true prophetic voices in
the world….Bob Hartley. “I have personally known Bob Harley for about 7 years and have been a
recipient of his extraordinary gift. He spoke into my life at a very crucial
time and is truly one of God’s men for this hour.” – Os HillmanBONUS!  When you order this teleseminar, you receive a copy of Bob Hartley’s book Hope Journey absolutely FREE!  A $15 value!  All you do is pay shipping and handling for the book.  Hope Journey is a heartfelt account of one man’s adventures
through life and his discovery of the eternal reality of hope in God.
More than just one man’s story, Bob Hartley’s life is a call to everyone to
join a lifelong journey of hope in God. God desires each one of us to no longer have any form
of despair or hopelessness in our life, we are to live a delighted life full of
joy! The stories and principles in this book will dare you to dream again and
dare you to believe in others and yourself once more. This book speaks of a
true and powerful hope in God that shatters the doubt, fear and cynicism that
we face, breaking through the clouds of hopelessness with the light of His
presence. This true hope in God will ensure in you a confident expectation for
good from Him in all arenas of life. Learn what it means to become a true hope reformer,
establishing many types of hope centers in your families, your businesses, your
churches, your schools, or wherever you have influence. Hope Journey will propel you into a deeper hope in God and give
you the tools to bring hope to others as well. We encourage you – get aside
with no distractions and read this book again and again, let the fire of
hopefulness set your heart ablaze. Hope in God is not longer an option. It is a mandate.


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