Transactional vs. Relational Leadership Teleseminar with Ford Taylor and Os Hillman

Recorded August 5, 2010

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Are you a transformational leader? The answer lies in how you lead others. Do you lead by transaction or relationship? Knowing this will determine whether you will be an effective leader or a leader who causes chaos.

Are you a bottom line or goal-centered kind of person? Do you find that you focus on the goal at the expense of the feelings of others at times? Do you experience conflict in relationships at times? If so, you may be a transactional leader. A relational leader balances the need for performance with the important of nurturing relationship. To do this effectively requires training because it does not come natural for leaders, especially men. listen to our Leadership Teleseminar on Transactional versus Relational Leadership with Ford Taylor, Director of Transformation Cincinnati and Transform Lead training organization.

Ford helped me understand my own need to balance transactional with relational style leadership. Every leader needs to learn these truths. I invested 3 days of my time in his training seminar and found the principles life-changing.” – Os Hillman

Transformation is a process, not an event. This teleseminar will provide the opportunity for you to be introduced to the concepts of transformational leadership that is sustainable, for personal and professional effectiveness to unfold and for high-performing teams to emerge by building healthy, trusting relationships. One recent attendee of the 3 day training commented, “The Transformational Leadership Training triggered, both in myself and those that I work with, new ways to look at how we go about ‘doing business’ by removing constraints and replacing them with healing and healthy alternatives. It is well worth the time!” – Rob Stease, CEO of mid-size manufacturer, West Chester


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Ford Taylor is the founder of "Transformation Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky" and founder of FSH Consulting Group.

After attending Texas A&M University where he earned a degree in Business Management, Ford and his wife, Sandra, owned and operated an apparel company. After selling a portion of the business to become a part of a large apparel conglomerate, Ford moved to Cincinnati in 1997 to be the chief executive officer of the organization, where this company became a publicly traded corporation.

After accomplishing the goals that were established as a corporate leader, he left that role and became an executive leadership consultant, specializing in acquisitions, turnarounds, mergers and leadership development beginning with participants understanding personal constraints. And so began the tugging on his heart to see lives and businesses transformed. Clients have ranged from small, private firms to multi-billion dollar corporations. Ford serves on the board for several companies, including three of which he is the chairman.

Ford was blessed with a vision for the Cincinnati region and beyond, which evolved around his desire to see lives transformed. From that vision was birthed Transformation Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, a city-wide process focused on uniting God’s people in businesses, churches, government, education, media, families, arts and entertainment through prayer, plans and actions to spread the gospel of Jesus in this region and beyond. Ford continues to see lives transformed by his unique training style and material (Transformational Leadership: The Missing Link) that has impacted thousands of people over the years.

He, his wife, Sandra of over 29 years, and their three daughters, Whitney, who attends Indiana University, Emily and Quincy, reside on the eastern side of Cincinnati.