There is a quiet movement taking place in cities across America that few people know about. It is a movement taking place in over 300 cities in America that is seeing churches, marketplace leaders and prayer warriors come together to impact their city for Jesus Christ. Ed Silvoso has been one of the pioneers in city transformation movements across the United States and the world for decades. Join us as we discover from Ed what the DNA is of community transformation and how you can be a catalyst in your community.


Please join us for a very informative time to learn from one of God’s pioneers in community transformation.

  • The role prayer plays in changing the spiritual climate in a city
  • What God is doing in cities across America.
  • Why problem solving is key to gaining access to city leaders.
  • Why unity is a key element of transformation.
  • What role the marketplace plays in community transformation.
  • Dramatic stories of transformation in cities across America.
  • Specific cities where God is moving powerfully today.


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About Ed Silvoso

Ed is the author of several books, but two of his works are excellent marketplace books - Anointed for Business and Transformation, both providing excellent case studies and truths around the role of the marketplace in community transformation.