Teleseminar with the Benham Brothers, authors of Whatever the Cost
Recorded Thursday, February 19th

Their book follows the story of highly motivated and entrepreneurial twin brothers, David and Jason Benham, from their formative years and ventures into professional baseball to their rise as owners of a multi-million dollar business empire and securing an HGTV
reality series.

It’s a journey where the brothers learned how they must die to their dreams not just once, but twice as they walked away from baseball before being called up to the Big Show and later as their TV series was stripped away from them just before airing when the network succumbed to
media pressures surrounding their faith. These experiences only helped them realize that the key to powerful living is found when you die to your dreams and face your fears, and choose to live powerfully through it all. The biblical principles they implemented to guide their work and
families are revealed in practical terms to apply to our daily lives and give us courage to stand for what is right. The teleseminar will touch on principles in their book such as:

  • Show that You are Faithful in Little
  • Be a Fountain to Others and not a Drain
  • Produce More in Value than You Receive
  • Work to Your Ability and not Your Pay
  • Breathe Life into All Situations
  • Remember that You are Human Beings, not Human Doings
  • Hold to a Standard of Disciplined Living
  • Don’t Swing at Every Pitch
  • Find Your Greatest Blessings on the Other Side of Your Greatest Fears

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“The Benham boys have got it down straight! True worship to the
Almighty is living it out loud every single day. They also have the
right attitude about enduring persecution for the sake of the kingdom.
Welcome to the frontline, boys!” —Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander and Robertson family patriarch from A&E’s Duck Dynasty

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DAVID AND JASON BENHAM, former professional baseball players, are also nationally acclaimed entrepreneurs. The twin broth-ers' business success earned them a reality show with HGTV, set to air during the 2014 fall season. Due to their commitment to traditional and biblical values, however, the show was abruptly canceled. The Benhams immediately found themselves in the midst of a cultural fire-storm, but they refused to back down and decided to stand and fight for what they believe.

The brothers' first company was recognized as one of Inc. magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies, and they've been awarded Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists, Wall Street Journal's Top Real Estate Professionals, and Business Leader Media's Top 50 Entrepreneurs. They were also named Franchise 500's Top New Franchise.

Appearing on CNN, Fox News, TheBlaze, ABC's Nightline, Good Morning America, and others, the Benhams continue to stand up for what they believe. After their show was canceled the Benhams trended nation-ally on social media, and more than 51 million tweets about the Benham brands have been delivered to Twitter streams.

David and Jason are happily married, and their families live on the same street in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their wives, Lori and Tori, homeschool their combined nine children and are passionate about serving in their community.

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