Worldview and Work
How does worldview affect how you work?
Teleseminar with Dr. Christian Overman and Os Hillman
Recorded June 24, 2010

What percentage of Christians have a biblical worldview? What percentage believe in a literal devil? The numbers will shock you! Why does this matter? Join Dr. Christian Overman, author of God’s Pleasure at Work and The Difference One Life Can Make to discover this and many more implications of a culture that fails to have a biblical worldview and what believers must do to reclaim a biblical worldview. Christian believes that making a difference in the way people live is determined by the way people think.

The work world is in pain these days. While the U.S. unemployment rate is the highest in 25 years, over 50% of American workers say they are dissatisfied with the jobs they have! A lot of this has to do with a worldview that has a flawed foundation. In this teleseminar Christian Overman and Os Hillman will discuss the relevance of having a biblical worldview as it relates to your working life. You will discover some surprising facts about your own deficiency in worldview and what you must do to become a follower of Christ in calling that represents a solid foundation. You won’t want to miss this informative session.


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Christian Overman is the Founding Director of Worldview Matters,, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping followers of Christ make relevant connections between the biblical worldview and their work.

Christian served as Principal of North Seattle Christian School for fourteen years, and for eight years he served as the Director of Research and Development for The Biblical Worldview Institute, a division of Cascade Christian Schools, in Puyallup, Washington.

He is the author of "Assumptions That Affect Our Lives," "God’s Pleasure At Work: Bridging the Sacred-Secular Divide," "The Difference One Life Can Make: Experiencing God’s Pleasure At Work," and the co-author of "Making the Connections: How to Put Biblical Worldview Integration Into Practice." In addition, Christian writes a weekly blog, “Worldview Matters,” on the topic of integrating the biblical worldview with work, at He is an adjunct faculty member of Seattle Pacific University, and has taught courses in biblical worldview and the integration of faith and work to audiences throughout the United States, as well as Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Christian and his wife, Kathy, have been married since 1972. They have four adult children and ten grandchildren. They reside in Bellevue, Washington, near Seattle.