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Bring the power of God to your workplace.

The majority of our waking hours are spent at work, but few of us understand how to use the Word of God in our professional lives to help us succeed and have impact.

31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life provides thirty-one covenant promises for you to decree and claim over your company, team members, community, and family.

Each day includes:
an encouraging devotion based upon a spiritual truth found in Scripture,
ten empowering decrees to root you in the certainty of God’s blessings,
relevant Bible passages to enrich your understanding, and
an activation to mobilize your faith.

Learn to speak blessings over your professional life and uphold Christian values in the workplace as you enjoy both biblical and modern-day stories of people living out Scripture and manifesting God’s promises on earth.



Os Hillman is an internationally recognized speaker, , and consultant on the subject of faith in the workplace. Hillman has written twenty books on faith and work-related subjects and a daily workplace email devotional entitled TGIF – Today God Is First that is read by several hundred thousand people daily in 105 countries. He has been featured on CNBC, NBC, The TimesThe TimesThe Associated Press, and many other national media as a spokesperson on faith in the workplace. Os is founder and president of Marketplace Leaders, an organization designed to equip men and women to live out their calling in and through the marketplace, and through this ministry, he has equipped leaders in twenty-six countries. Os is married to Pamela, and they live in north . Os has one daughter, Charis, married to Justin. To contact Os Hillman, send your email to

Editorial Reviews

This book shares incredible stories that remind us of God’s tremendous promises and encourage us to live a bold life of faith.
—Steve Green, president, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.; founder & chairman of the board, Museum of the Bibleof the Bible

As a prayer mobilizer, I love books on prayer. It is rare that I find one as practical as 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life by my friend, Os Hillman. Praying through this book is a practical way to bring your work under the hand of God.
—Dave Butts, chairman, America’s National Prayer Committee

Os Hillman has released another masterpiece! Somehow, he managed to distill decades of hard-won wisdom and remarkable stories into a 31-day devotional. It is sure to inspire while giving you practical, actionable steps to advance your career and your walk with the Lord. Every page inspired me, and I found myself the entire devotional in one sitting. It’s that good!
—Michael Q. Pink, , Selling Among Wolves

The faith-work world is high on books to read. But this is not another one to put on your “to read” shelf. Rather, it is a daily manifesto of sorts, full of one-day-at-a-time quick thoughts that will enliven your leadership, equip your mind, embolden you to take a stand, and encourage you in your complex, often tiring world of leading your firm. You will love diving into the practical decrees and learning how to activate them on mission-critical arenas of sales, profit, clients, employees, and, yes, even your enemies.
—Greg Leith, CEO, Convene Corporation

Many followers of Jesus desire to honor God through their business ventures and create a legacy of faithful significance. However, if that aspiration is not anchored in biblical understanding and the confidence of faith, it’s unlikely to be realized. This 31-day journey through powerful truths, provocative declarations, and a myriad of fundamental resolutions every believer must make can help change the course of your marketplace experience.
—Mike Sharrow, CEO, The C12 Group

There is no better way to start your day than trusting in God’s promises. In 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life, Os Hillman has done a masterful job weaving in Scripture, stories, and practical action to help you powerfully live out your faith each day.
—Larry Julian, , God Is My CEO

This outstanding book is soaked in Scripture and filled with faith-inspiring testimonies and life-altering declarations that can help us fulfill our assignment.
—Dr. Joseph Mattera, , Resurrection ; director, United Coalition of Apostolic Leaders

God speaks to us through stories, nudging us out of our comfort zones to trust him for miracles, impact, and more love. These amazing true stories and decrees of blessing inspire us to stretch our faith so that we can be more active parts of God’s miracles in our world.
—Karen Covell, producer & founding director, the Prayer Network

Os’s book is certainly “for such a time as this.” God has stated in Job 22:28, “You will also declare a thing, And it will be established for you; So light will shine on your ways” (NKJV). Os Hillman has given us a masterful tool to fulfill this Scripture in so many ways. Read it. Use it. Decree it!
—Franklin Santagate, executive vice president marketing, Pure Flix

31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life is an extraordinary work, rich with profound biblical promises, inspired testimonies, and practical applications. Any reader that intentionally and courageously believes God’s promises and takes the steps of faith depicted in this book is assured a transformed family and work life, enriched and empowered with God’s blessings.
—Steve Fedyski, CEO, Cloudburst Entertainment

Os delivers again! How many times have you read Scripture, heard sermons, and prayed, only to later feel stranded and powerless when a testing experience is front and center? By not only but also applying these covenant promises to any situation, believers may now live in a place of power, protection, and perseverance unlike any before.
—Jason Brown, chief marketing officer, Marketplace Chaplains

Os Hillman is transparent and powerful. The biblical content in his devotions changed my life two decades ago, and he takes it to a whole new level of speaking into our work in 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life. This daily devotional is practical, tactical, factual, and biblical. It is going to change the way we all approach our workplaces. We finally have a tool that will bring the power of God to work with us.
—Jim Brangenberg, radio host, iWork4Him

I have known Os for a number of years, seeing his ministry and integrity in action close-up. I am so happy he took the time to write 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life. Every day is better when it begins with devotion. Os brings us a practical and inspirational brand of devotion, born of years in the workforce prior to full-time ministry. It’s the kind of devotion where we live, where we struggle, where we hurt, and yet are urged on, pressing in and pressing higher. We are often not delivered from our troubles; Os helps us get closer to Jesus, who, alone, delivers us through our troubles.
—Terry Botwick, founder & president, Papatime

Os’s book is terrific. I now see him as a spiritual pharmacist. What a great idea to create this easy reference source of these vital biblical declarations. It’s a simple and powerful daily prescription for living a vigorously healthy spiritual life in Jesus, the Great Physician!
—Gordon Pennington, international advisor; mentor; branding and communications strategies consultant

God’s Word brings us nearer to him as we read, ponder, profess, and practice it. Os Hillman’s 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life powerfully trains readers in the transformational lifestyle of not only believing but also declaring God’s Word to bring focus to our faith and God’s authority to every aspect of our lives.
—Kathy Branzell, president, National Day of Prayer Task Force

In this new book, Os challenges us to fully discover and actively apply God’s covenant promises in the context of our work. The practical integration of God’s living Word into our daily vocational challenges is a revelation and will inspire you to take bolder actions based on God’s Word.
—Karen A. Howells, founder & president, The Howells Group; board member, 4 Word Advisory

You know all those books sitting on your shelf that promised you success and breakthrough but didn’t deliver? This is not one of those. Solidly grounded in Scripture and faith, 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life calls your spirit higher and trains you to use decrees to bring your work into alignment with heaven. The stories will shift your paradigms, and the activations will challenge you to engage with God even more deeply.
James Kramer, CEO, Pneuma33 Creative and Commissioned

As believers and leaders in the marketplace, we are commissioned daily to release heaven to earth and see every impossibility yield to the name of Jesus. In 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life, Os Hillman arms us with simple yet profound tools that, when engaged, have the power to shape the life that we long to experience. This is one of those books you buy by the case—every company retreat should be handing these out like candy!
—Anna Kramer, chief creative officer, Pneuma33 Creative and Commissioned

Os has done it again. 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life is another amazing way to get people in the workplace to pray daily, seek God, and continually shift their thinking about using their gifts in the workplace. Hillman helps people understand God’s call on their lives to impact his kingdom every day, in every area in which they have influence. His book is a daily reminder of how willing God is to bless those that are fulfilling that call.
—Ford Taylor, founder, TL Transformational Leadership/TL On Demand

In 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life, Os Hillman gives practical and powerful insights to help us understand that our work is not just what we do, but it ultimately illumines who we are. In a fresh way, Os shows that every facet of our work can be redemptive in ways we may never have considered. Pick up this book and let these truths seep into your head and heart. Your view of your work will never be the same again!
—Joe Battaglia, broadcaster; producer; , The Politically Incorrect Jesus and Unfriended

There is a global misunderstanding about the legitimate authority that workplace leaders have over their destiny and the destinies of their businesses. Os has compiled a testimony treasure trove of the lives of leaders who understood this authority and the responsibility that goes with it. But this book is not just a compilation of stories; it is also filled with the Scriptural evidence you can apply to your own life. 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life is rich in wisdom and the of the Spirit!
—Paul L. Cuny, president, MarketPlace Leadership International; , Nehemiah People
I first met Os Hillman at a meeting in , Georgia, where he was the keynote speaker. I was at his book table buying every book he had ever written and, as Os tells the story, he “came over to see if I was friend or foe.” I had never met him, but based on the profound wisdom from God’s Word that I was seeing just skimming his marketplace books at that table, I was certainly hoping to be his friend. As the years have gone by, I have watched Os put that wisdom into practice in so many areas of his life. There are no walls or lines drawn between his workplace, worship, and personal life; God’s Word and will flow freely through all of them with power and joy. I am grateful to be a friend and fan of Os. His daily TGIF devotions and marketplace books have challenged and changed the way we lead. 31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life will change the way you think and the way you live.

Our lives are filled with millions of thoughts. Have you ever stopped to think about the things you are thinking? Do you ask yourself, Who told you that? or Where did you hear that? Have you ever stopped to think about all the things you heard in one day? Do you ever pause to listen to what you are saying and then ask yourself, Is what I am saying truth? Do you ever stop and ask the following questions: Are the words coming out of my mouth adding or taking away life? Are they helpful or hurtful? Do they declare God’s truth, or are they coming from an opinion, preference, or emotion that I am feeling? 

If faith comes by hearing, what are you hearing, and how is it shaping what you believe? Realize that our behavior follows our beliefs; it weakens or strengthens our lives based on how it aligns with what God says. Who are you listening to? Who are you believing and repeating? Are you ever at a loss for words—you don’t know what to think or say? Our lives must be built on the solid rock of God’s Word, will, and ways, not the shifting, often selfish opinions of the world around us.

Os’ book is a practical way to put God’s Word in front of ourselves every morning so that it fills our thoughts and shapes our day. Os has studied the Scriptures to bring God’s wisdom and promises to our attention. This is not a random “name it, claim it” practice where you imagine what you want and attempt to claim it into reality. This is reality according to God, found in specific Scriptures that he has declared over his creation and his children, for his glory and purpose. Our assignment is to declare these in agreement with God in to walk in God’s authority and under God’s authority. These declarations are God-authored, Spirit-inspired prayers of faith.
—Kathy Branzell, President, National Day of Prayer Task Force

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  1. Belinda (verified owner)

    I received your book 31 Decrees of Blessing For Your Work Life as a gift. I just started reading it. It’s going to equip me for this next school year at my workplace. I teach students 6th grade math. Working with so many wonderful teachers & administrators, I have an opportunity to speak life into many lives.

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