Prepare yourself for a fun and fast paced story about how God uses events in the lives of ordinary people to change the course of history for millions. After listening to this audio book, you may never look at yourself, your friends, or the world around you the same way again. This novel of intrigue and romance shows the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of ordinary people and how through them a third great awakening is possible. Follow the story of how BB, his grandmother, wife and friends travel to a place they never expected to go and what happens when God changes their plans.

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“A great awakening may be underway through the workplace; and if it is, I have no doubt that people like Mark Cress and organizations such as corporate Chaplains of America will be at the forefront of such a movement.” — Zig Ziglar, Motivational Teacher

“This book describes in a fun, readable format something I long to see in the world today— a major ‘turning point’ for millions of people around the globe.” — Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Ministries

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About the Author

When people meet Mark Cress they immediately recognize he is a natural entrepreneur. During his business career, he owned several companies and served on numerous boards, yet over a decade ago, he sold his business interest to enroll in seminary and answer a calling to workplace ministry. Upon graduation, he founded the national non-profit Corporate Chaplains of America, which has become one of the leading providers of employee care services in the United States. He continues to serve as the organization's President. Spend any time with him in person or through this audiobook and he will have you convinced a movement of God is already underway, and it just might result in a worldwide awakening in the workplace.

About the Narrator

Over the last 30 plus years, God has enabled Jess Duboy to master the art of verbal communication. He credits include over 15,000 Television and Radio productions. Listen to this audio book and see why the author Mark Cress says, "He's the best I've ever heard. You will love the way he tells this story!"