Live a life of faith at work.
You may think eternal impact for God can only be made on the mission field, but God has a mission for you right where you are. He wants to use you as his employee in your profession.
In TGIF for Men, Os Hillman, best-selling author of devotions about faith and work, shares 365 devotions with powerful stories of men who have impacted the world for God. Os explains how you can

  • walk with integrity,
  • overcome obstacles,
  • pursue the calling God has for you, and
  • share the hope of God in your workplace.

 No matter what your job title is, you can be a leader for God at work today.

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Os Hillman has been a long time leader in teaching, training, equipping and encouraging Christian leaders in the marketplace to understand their God-given call and purpose, so that they can fulfill their destiny in any sphere of influence that he has uniquely designed for them. As a result, many (thousands, millions?) around the world have been launched into the understanding that they are fully members of the body of Christ and that they are called to do  their part daily with their gifts to influence all those around them for Jesus.

The “TGIF Today God is First” devotional has been a great influence and encouragement over the years. Now, “ TGIF Today God is First for Men” will continue that process as it is written specifically for men. I encourage every Christian man in the marketplace to read these devotionals  and activate what they learn daily. This will change daily behavior and grow your influence with all those around you. When you activate what you learn and become a solution to those around you, and not part of the problem, you will have influence beyond your wildest dreams. Don’t miss out on the Great Awakening taking place globally in every sphere of society right before our eyes.

Os, thank you for your obedience over all these years by continually  encouraging marketplace believers that they are not “less than” any other believers because they are not in a “traditional” full time ministry. Thank you for showing those with faith in Jesus that they are the answer to the world’s problems.

I do and will continue to encourage all men to read and activate these daily devotionals in every aspect of their lives.

Ford Taylor
Founder FSH Consulting Group
Founder and Author: Transformational Leadership (TL) training and consulting

TGIF Endorsements

Those of us in the workplace need frequent reminders to keep God first. Like manna that nourished God’s people in the wilderness, Os Hillman’s new book will feed your heart, mind and spirit each day with timeless truth and rich perspective.

John D. Beckett, author, Mastering Monday: A Guide to Integrating Faith and Work and CEO, Beckett Corporation


“TGIF has been a daily inspirational and transformational tool for many years now that God has used in my life particularly with the scriptural application in a workplace context. We have also used TGIF to daily encourage the members of the Coca-Cola Christian Fellowship to apply their faith in the workplace!”

Steve Hyland, Former Director of Retail Merchandising, Coca-Cola North America


“Os Hillman presents a present truth word for God’s ministers in the marketplace.  He reveals how the Kingdom of God can be implemented on Earth as it is in Heaven.  A word of truth in due season for what God is seeking to accomplish on planet Earth.”

Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network, author Apostles, Prophets and the Coming Move of God


“As much as we seek to honor God with our best, it’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of business. TGIF brings inspiration to our days, fresh wisdom to our work and clarity to our calling.”

Larry Julian, Author, God is My CEO and God is My Success


“I’m convinced that Satan has very little interest in the “good” things a person might do, so long as the person is not on track for his or her eternal purpose: the unique reason he or she is on the earth; a purpose that is non-transferable.  If that purpose is not fulfilled by the person for whom it is intended, there remains a gap in the kingdom of God which cannot be fulfilled by anyone else in the same generation.  For most people, their purpose can be found in his or her vocation. No one I know has a clearer vision for God’s purposes and for releasing working people into their purposes than Os Hillman. Thank God for the new TGIF.”

Linda Rios Brook, author, Frontline Christians in a Bottom Line World


“My heart is blessed and challenged each morning as a Pastor as I read the Christ-honoring words of Os Hillman. Read and be blessed.”

Johnny Hunt, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, Georgia


“God has blessed Os Hillman with a special gift of insight into scripture, which he applies in very practical ways to everyday challenges found in the workplace.  As a Catholic involved in an ecumenical workplace ministry, I find his reflections inspiring to all Christians whatever their denomination.”

Bill Dalgetty

President, Christians in Commerce


“Os Hillman is a man ‘touched by God’ and weakened by him for service and insight.  These are the kinds of men and women who change our lives, not just our opinions.  Today God is First will help make it so for its readers.”

Dennis Peacocke, President, Strategic Christian Services, author, Doing Business God’s Way


“Os Hillman’s TGIF helps people succeed in the workplace while staying committed to Jesus Christ. With so many committed Christians caught between what they hear at church on Sunday and what they do at work Monday through Friday, Os Hillman connects the dots in this book by providing easy-to-read antidotes for daily workplace success. This book is a must read for everyone whose desires to see God’s grace move in the workplace. Os has hit another homerun!”

Robert Watkins

Kings & Priests International


“Os Hillman delivers yet another masterpiece! Os has gone to the diamond mines of God’s word and pulled out treasure after treasure that will enrich your life beyond measure! God has spoken to me profoundly through his daily devotionals, building my faith, strengthening my resolve and softening my heart. The marketplace is a better place because of the invaluable contribution made by Os Hillman and this book!”

Michael Q. Pink, author, Selling Among Wolves


Os Hillman has compiled and written one of the best daily devotional books I have ever read. There is spiritual nutrition on every page. I guarantee a year full of nourishment.

Pat Williams, Co-founder of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and former general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, Author of The Warrior Within


“Whatever your situation may be, TGIF will impact your life. It did mine. Whether you are on a wave of success or on a stony path in the valley – this book will be your highlight in the early morning hours, or in the evening together with your spouse in front of the fire-place. It will encourage you, comfort you, or provide you prophetic guidance.”

Jurg Opprecht, Founder and President of the Business Professional Network

and Owner, Lenkerhof Alpine Resort, Switzerland


“This daily inspiration is a great source of encouragement and empowerment for everyday life. Be refreshed and revived for cutting edge living.”

Dr. Pat Francis, Senior Pastor, Kingdom Covenant Center, Toronto, Canada


“As the author of Jesus, CEO, The Path, and Jesus in Blue Jeans, etc. I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your new book TGIF Today God Is First. What a visionary writer you are! I’m sure that your advertising background helped you develop such clear and concise messaging. TGIF is my new favorite devotional book, and I felt compelled to write you and say ‘Well done!’”

Laurie Beth Jones, Founder, The Jones Group


 “What a joy to have distributed more than 400 of your most powerful and inspirational daily devotional book “Today God Is First.”  These biblical based vignettes are moving moments with our Lord and have proven to warm hearts, inspire thoughts, and compel love and devotion to Jesus.  The CEOs and Presidents that I have placed this book in their hands have come closer to Jesus Christ as they have begun the day with prayer and a desire that for that day God will be first.  Thank you so much for writing a book from the lay perspective and a businessman’s insights.  Your book is a winner and so are the people who read and practice its contents.  May God continue to bless your efforts and mine too, as I continue to share ‘Today God is First’ with everyone I can.”

Gil A. Stricklin, Founder, Marketplace Chaplains, Dallas, Texas. 


 “In the often lonely environment of the marketplace, God comes near as Os Hillman invades with a word of hope from the God of hope. Os’s background in business and his current calling of ministering to marketplace ministry leaders has uniquely equipped him for this task. I have been blessed over the last year by reading these meditations on a daily basis. The very concept of this book–meditations for those in the marketplace–excites me. For too long, the church system has forgotten to equip and train her members for ministry in the very place where they spend the most time–the marketplace.

Os Hillman is a leader of the growing band of those committed to bringing about change in our world through very practical means. I am confident that these meditations will bless you as they have me.”

Rich Marshall, God@Work TV Show, GodTV