Wokeism. Christian persecution. Wars. Sexual perversions. Socialism. One world order. Computer chip implants.

What does all of this tell us?

It tells us we are living in the last days.

The Bible is an incredible prophetic book that reveals the mysteries of the days of long ago and the days that are yet to come. But how does one decipher some of the complex dates, times, prophecies to understand the times we live, and if they point to the return of Christ?

Doug Cobb has given us a road map in his new book, And the End Will Come.

In this book Doug explains in easy-to-understand language the history of Christ’s first coming and how it was predicted in the Old Testament and how there are indicators that reveal when Christ will return the second time. Doug is quick to remind us that no one can give the actual time when Christ will return, but we can certainly know the season and how close we are to fulfilling all the conditions for His return.

In this book Doug reveals …

  • The prophetic scriptures that revealed the time Jesus would come to earth the first time.
  • Why Israel and its people are key to the return of Christ.
  • Why we can understand the season that Christ will return with certainty.
  • Why sharing the Gospel with every human on earth is key to his return with an update on where we are in this assignment.
  • Why we should not be surprised about what is taking place right now in our culture.

 This is a must read for every serious believer! I did a personal interview with Doug that you will receive when you order the book. You won’t get this from Amazon!


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