Despair. Emotional isolation. Self-loathing. Immaturity. Abusive actions. These are just some of the damagng fragments that remain embedded within our personalities, behaviors, and souls when we are broken as children. The memory of the past may seem distant and clouded, but within its scars deep wounds remain that continue to inflict pain upon our adult lives – and often end up spilling into the lives of others. More than 90% of problems in a marriage are rooted in what happens in our lives under the age of 11

In Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain, Paul Hegstrom, author of Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them, shows us the scars from his broken childhood and shares practical and proven methods for facing and dealing with the pain of the past. By using scientific research, psychological studies, and biblical principles – especially those found in the Jewish model of raising children – he points us to the place of healing where we are finally free to pursue authentic relationships and build healthy emotional intimacy with others. This is an excellent resource for pastors, teachers, counselors, psychologists, parents, or anyone wounded by an abusive past.

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  • Paperback: 152 pages
  • Publisher: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City; 2nd edition (March 10, 2006)
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11 reviews for Broken Children, Grown-Up Pain: Understanding the Effects of Your Wounded Past + FREE mp3 download, by Paul Hegstrom

  1. Betty Sikes

    I bought the book for a very dear friend of mine,they are incarcerated and I thought that maybe that book would bring some sort of peace.Thank you,Betty

  2. Jack

    Excellent book. Helps us to see the “why” of our dysfunctional adult actions and thinking patterns. It all goes back to childhood wounds. With this in mind, we have the object we need to pray and ask God’s help in healing our wounds and bringing us into maturity.

  3. Dawn

    Very insightful

  4. Kenneth Rodriguez

    Thank you for this valuable info.

  5. Dale Nuss

    Good service good book

  6. Mary Wesson

    I appreciated hearing how the wounds of childhood can manifest in adulthood, but I was looking for more direction and encouragement to deal with the ,grown-up pain. I didn’t just want to acknowledge it.I am also a health care professional and wanted to take some tips with me for my work.

  7. Joseph D. Re’

    I enjoy first person, anecdotal subject matter that I can relate to; wonderfully written, gave me a clearer and more honest appraisal of myself, my family and related incidences in my informative, early teens, and “adulthood” years. I am 70 years old and I would like to believe I am never “too old” to learn about myself! Thank you for writing this book!!!

  8. Colleen Amsing-Schmeer

    Excellent book. Mr. Hegstrom was very real, in what he shared. He hit the issues, the truth and the deceptions, head on. Not only did I relook at a few things in my life but it also helped to understand, some broken people, in my past. It is a journey, realizing God’s love, the enemies schemes and are own blindness.

  9. Rachael

    This book is taking me to depths of pain I had no idea were unresolved and unhealed in me. It certainly makes sense why I’ve been spiritually stuck. I highly recommend this book.

  10. Richard Heers

    Superb insights! Have purchased extra copies to give to our children whose spouses can greatly benefit…and an extra copy for a young man I am counseling.

  11. James Leach

    Looks like a great read (I’m only through the first few chapters). The only problem has been that I ordered the book on August 30th and received it on October 15th.

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Dr. Paul Hegstrom is the founder of Life Skills International, a program designed to teach life skills to individuals with unacceptable behaviors and enhance family relationships through nurturing character and maturity. Paul holds a B.S. Degree in pastoral counseling and a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy. He is a certified cognitive behavioral therapist with the National Board of Cognitive Behavioral Therapists and has been featured by such national media as USA Today, Focus on the Family, The 700 Club, The Montel Williams Show, and The Coral Ridge Hour. Paul and Judy Hegstrom's story was featured in the 1995 CBS movie Unforgivable: The Life Story of Paul Hegstrom, which starred John Ritter.