This is the first course in a series of courses on destiny. The course is made up of 9 total lessons, 45 minutes each via mp3 audio download plus PDF printable workbook. In this first course Bradley looks at the vision, goals, aims and objectives of Yada International and how he applies the principles taught in Course 1 to his own school so you can understand how to apply to your personal situation. Bradley shares the personal, dramatic story of his call to start Yada International. He explains how important it is for each of us to receive a personal vision for ourselves, our family, our city, nation and the nations, giving us hope for the future. This session helps you discover how to hear from God that will enable you to gain clear vision for your life. Then, in order for us to move ahead from there, we need to constantly draw near to the Lord in covenant intimacy. Bradley helps you understand how to develop intimacy with God. He discusses the importance of intimacy and obedience to the Lord and how to balance performance with knowing God.


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