We are designed for God’s purposes and to bring glory to Him. God desires to use ordinary men and women to do the extraordinary and to do great exploits in His name. To this end our choices, both day to day and at key moments in life, are used by God to prepare and transform each one of us for His purposes. Understanding why the Creator made YOU gives you focus, provides direction, enables destiny, draws you to a life you can love to live and transforms your choices. Each person has a unique purpose for their life (see Ephesians 1:11). It is a revelation and impartation from God, which changes your life forever. The process of understanding your purpose varies and can be intentional, through circumstances or crisis. Understanding your purpose releases and unlocks faith, hope, joy, the will of God for your life and a life lived as an act of worship to the King!

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1 review for Do You Know Why God Made You? You CAN understand Your Purpose – Audio CD, by Brenda de Charmoy

  1. Debra Courtney

    Prompt delivery of CD. CD in excellent condition.

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