Overcoming Shattered Dreams and Disappointment with God Teleseminar with Os Hillman. Recorded October 29, 2010.

About the teleseminar: A special message from Os Hillman

Do you struggle to believe in the goodness of God sometimes because of unfulfilled dreams or painful experiences? Has your faith been fractured because you cannot make sense of unanswered prayers or situations that almost seem like God is not on your team? Believe it or not, I have been there. And, I have been there many more times than I want to admit. If this describes you, you might want to listen to this teleseminar. If your world is just peachy and God has given your incredible faith for any situation, this teleseminar is not for you! This message is for those who are struggling to make sense of their faith right now. It is for those of you who need a perspective that might challenge some long held cookie-cutter, vending machine formulas for walking with God. There are complexities to walking with God if we are really honest with ourselves. I shared what I have learned and why it is OK to question some things. I shared some of my personal struggles and what they led to and how I have come out on the other side strong in my faith, but on other situations, not so well. This was a very honest and frank discussion on looking at unfulfilled dreams and the hard things that do not make sense sometimes. Discover what to do when your faith feels like it is shipwrecked. Grab your oars and get in the boat for an hour with me.

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