Teleseminar with Bob Wiliamson

Recorded Thursday March 13th 2014

Discover a fascinating story of transformation through the power of Jesus Christ.

By the time he was 24 Bob Williamson was already a violent criminal with a prison record and a .357 Magnum; he’d been kicked out of the military as a diagnosed sociopath; he was helplessly addicted to methamphetamine and heroin; he’d been an alcoholic since his teens and had gone through a nasty divorce; his family had given up on him; he was homeless, penniless, and didn’t have a single friend; he didn’t believe in God and was as mean and vicious as a rabid dog. He was all alone, mired in abject squalor. By all rights he should be locked away somewhere for the rest of his life, or more likely dead, buried, and forgotten.

He reached the point where he felt that suicide was his only viable option and he was ready and willing to pull the trigger, but then a horrific car accident and a chance encounter with a merciful nurse helped change his life. He learned a trade, started a business and, virtually overnight, accumulated a small fortune and achieved what he believed to be the absolute pinnacle of success; but the sudden mountain of cash triggered an avalanche of new problems and soon he was overwhelmed with temptation, arrogance, and sheer lust for more of everything. He was addicted to a new drug – money, but again miraculously overcame his addictions and is no longer a slave to the “flash and the cash”, the pride of life, and the lust for unadulterated power.

Today, Bob Williamson has been happily married to the woman of his dreams for 40 years. They’ve been blessed with three successful sons and seven grandchildren. He has friends all over the world who call him “a pillar of society.” He’s received numerous awards and accolades, and recently sold one of the 12 successful companies he founded for $75 million.

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An Incredible Story of Redemption


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