Hear from one of America’s most respected spiritual leaders about what is taking place in the world today and the role that marketplace leaders will play. Loaded with practical insights and spiritual strategies that every leader needs to employ, this is a very informative interview. Recorded on August 26, 2008. Hosted by Os Hillman.

Aside from authoring “Experiencing God,” Henry Blackaby has made his greatest impact by ministering directly to Fortune 100 and 500 CEOs, advising them on how to effectively blend their faith with their business. Out of that ministry’s success comes “God in the Marketplace,” a message to help everyone from the front desk to the executive suite best experience God’s will in his or her work.

Blackaby believes that just as Jesus had businessmen among His original disciples, so may God be calling out businesspeople today in preparation for a worldwide spiritual revival. However, while those in the marketplace may have excellent educations and access to world-class leadership seminars, they often feel inadequate in matters of spiritual influence. “God in the Marketplace” will help them better understand what the Bible says about integrating their Christian faith with their work lives and provide biblical answers to the common yet difficult questions that are often raised for Christians at work.


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