Teleseminar with Os Hillman, Craig Hill, and Michael Nimmo

Recorded April 18, 2013

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Our economy is an important issue right now. Why isn’t the news placing more focus on this important issue? Os Hillman, Craig Hill, and Michael Nimmo have been studying more on where the markets are and how to proper during these financial times.

During this teleseminar, you will discover:

  • Why the economic bubble has not burst yet
  • Why Os and Michael believe the economic downturn is just months away
  • Why the media is not talking about this issue more
  • The contributing factors and figures that show we are headed for a major recession – much more impacting than 2008/2009
  • Things you can do to protect your finances and BENEFIT during this time
  • How you and your family can be prepared

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3 reviews for Signs of the Times Teleseminar: Prospering in the Financial Times We Live In – Mp3 Download, with Os Hillman, Craig Hill, and Michael Nimmo

  1. Leonard Beil

    So what should we do to protect our finances ?Where and how should we invest and at what percentages? Be it Gold, T Bonds, Annuities, Certificates of Deposit, Mutual funds or what? Or just stash the cash? I really did not get the direction I was looking for. I am looking for wisdom and direction, I want to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to me.

  2. Robert

    Great great seminar – thanks so much for all that you do for the body of Christ and beyond.

  3. Bruce

    Common sense and straight forward content.

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