Teleseminar Mp3 Download on Understanding the Role of Intercession for Greater Influence in Your Calling, Business and Career

Recorded December 7, 2010

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Join Os Hillman and Charles Robinson for a special one hour teleseminar on the role of prayer in business.

Have you ever wondered if marketplace intercession and spiritual coaching is for you or your organization? Does the Bible have anything to say on this subject? Is it hard for you to make time to pray? What is standing in between you and the next level for your business? Are there “unseen forces” limiting you? Does money seem to be always tight? How can you discern the root cause of roadblocks? Can intercession play a vital role in the success of your work life career? What does it mean to manifest God’s presence in your business and what partners do you need to help you fulfill your destiny?

In this session you will receive the answers to these and other important questions. You will also be able to determine if spiritual coach might be another tool in your tool belt to move you to another level with God and in your career.


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About Charles Robinson

Charles and Liz Robinson are the founders of WISE Ministries International, a training, equipping and service ministry to businesses and ministries as well as church and para-church organizations locally and internationally. Charles and Liz pastored a dynamic local church in Austin, Texas for five years They are ordained ministers with Christian International Ministries Network

Together, Charles and Liz have over 40 years of collective business and managerial experience and they are experienced pastoral counselors for individuals, marriages and families. Additionally, they are widely sought after for their acumen for developing spiritual leadership in ministries. Charles has experience being a Talk Radio Host in Central Texas and has appeared on and hosted Christian television shows.

Charles and Liz have three years each of Bible Theology Training from Faith Theological Seminary in Tampa, FL. Liz has a B.S. in Business Administration in Marketing and Charles has Diplomas in Theology and Information Technology and is a Certified Crises Chaplain.

As experienced church and corporate pastors, intercessors, chaplains, teachers and business owners, they and their team of intercessors and business consultants are equipped to support and empower you and your ministry for success. Pastor Charles is a member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) USA and is a member of the International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) Charles is also a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM)