The Art of Branding Your Product or Service Webinar Download

With Kennan Burch
Recorded June 23, 2011

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Do you know the art of branding your product or service? And why it is important to have the right branding?

Join Kennan Burch for this informative one hour webinar as he helps you learn how to effectively brand your product or service. Follow along with PowerPoint as you listen to the discussion. Purchase also includes FREE eBook from Kennan Burch on Branding Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies.

Kennan Burch is a branding expert. After 20 years at Darden, a $7.5 Billion brand-building company, and over $1 billion in advertising initiatives during his career, he launched Brand Catalyst Partners in March of 2008. He is now strategically aligned with Stan Richards, founder of The Richards Group who developed “The Cow Campaign” for Chic-Fil-A, “We’ll leave the light on for you” for Motel 6, “You Can Do It, We Can Help” for Home Depot, and over 200 brands. Armed with his corporate experience and his support from The Richards Group, he confidently leads executive teams and organizational leaders through a process that produces a one page brand definition that invigorates teams to live out and implement their highest calling as a brand. He then coaches executives through the process of implementing the brand they desire to create, and brings together the necessary resources to bring the brand to life.

He has now successfully developed the brand strategy for over 40 organizations in numerous categories including: restaurants, logistics, beverages, eyewear, data security, financial services, schools, legal, entertainment, insurance, motivational speakers, ministries, media campaigns, non-profits, publishers, and film production. Nothing is more powerful than a “contagious brand” and that’s what Kennan expertly delivers. In the faith-based world Kennan developed the brand strategy for the I Am Second campaign, and recently launched a new initiative called Join the Applause (

2 reviews for The Art of Branding Your Product or Service Webinar Download, with Kennan Burch

  1. Sheryl Markley

    I thought I had to listen to the webinar at a particular time, and was unable to do this. I later found the download. Not sure if there should have been something else. The download was interesting. Glad I didn’t have to pay more than $20. If there is a way to listen to the webinar “after the fact” that would be preferable.

  2. Donald Chookaszian

    The webinar was great. I am disappointed that the CD is not available yet. It would be much more effective to review the material immediately after the info is desiminated.

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