Teleseminar with Fulton Sheen

Recorded August 22, 2013

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Join Os Hillman and special guest Fulton Sheen for this informative teleseminar. In this session you will learn:

  • Why what we are hearing in the media is not as rosy as it seems
  • How you can prepare to take advantage of a changing economic season
  • What the government is NOT telling you that is important to your financial future
  • What is taking place in China that will affect you greatlyAnd much more.

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  1. Sarah Harris

    Very good information.

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Fulton Sheen graduated from Western Michigan University in 1979. From 1977 to 1991, he owned and managed FJS Enterprises Contracting. From 1989 to present, Fulton has owned and operated Sheen Financial with his wife Cheryl and daughter Crystal. Fulton was elected Allegan County Treasurer in 1996 and again in 2000, where he managed the county’s fifty-five million dollar portfolio. From 2002 to 2008 Fulton served three terms in the legislature as Michigan’s 88th District State Representative. While in the legislature he was appointed Chair of the Tax Policy Committee and also served on the following committees: Insurance and Financial Services, Government Operations, Regulatory, Children & Family Services.

In 2006, Fulton founded Isaiah 58:12, a non-profit 501(c) (3) disaster relief and preparedness organization. Fulton is a certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member and trainer, and has been teaching the FEMA/Citizen Corps CERT course since 2009. Fulton and Isaiah 58:12 trained over 1500 new CERT volunteers to assist first responders and the community in times disasters.

Fulton is the founder and President of Merging Streams Belize Limited and Merging Streams Trust Burundi. Through establishing an independent network of sovereign trust institutions, the Merging Streams model has established alternative systems of exchange and investment and have created a commodity backed full-reserve financial system that is separate from the fractional banking system. The main objectives of these new structures are to provide a stable alternative to the current system that gives average individuals access to financial opportunities that have previously been reserved for large financial institutions and the very wealthy in shaky economic times. The second is to generate capital to be used to create sustainable communities, economy building and ministry in developing nations and Native American nations.

Currently, Fulton serves on the Michigan National Federation of Independent Business Leadership Council, the MI Oak Initiative State Coordinating Council, and the Transformation Michigan Board. Fulton speaks across the nation on alternative financial structures, the economy, market place issues and disaster relief & preparation.