Teleseminar with Walt Wilson, Global Media Outreach

Recorded Thursday, December 11th 7-8pm EST

Global Media Outreach (GMO) is a great example of how the internet and social media platforms can be used powerfully for evangelism and discipleship. Founded in 2004, GMO has a goal to give every person on earth opportunities to accept Jesus Christ, build them in the faith and connect them to Christian communities in every country. GMO also has a vision to use the Internet, mobile devices and social media in multiple languages to share the Good News of Jesus Christ across the globe with everyone on earth by the year 2020.

Walt Wilson, chairman and founder of GMO, and a former Apple executive, has said at a former iSummit: “We are the first generation in all of human history to hold within our hands the technology to reach every man, woman and child on the earth by 2020.” Wilson also clarified that the ministry’s goal is not just to get people to make decisions for Christ online, but to disciple new believers and to connect them to a local church.

All one needs is online access, and the desire to help change the world. The ministry plans to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, as it acknowledges that this generation has within its grasp everything that is required to fulfill the Great Commission.

In this teleseminar, you will discover:

  • Walt’s personal testimony of how he came to Christ
  • What is Global Media Outreach and how it works
  • Walt’s experience working with Apple CEO Steve Jobs
  • How 13 – 15 million Muslims are being reached for Christ every month
  • How the gospel could reach the entire world through technology in 3-4 years

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Walt Wilson is chairman and founder of Global Media Outreach, or GMO. GMO has more than 150 websites that seek to attract those that are searching for spiritual answers online. Some of GMO's English-language websites include,,, and, among many others.

Walt was an early executive at Apple and was previously co-founder, chairman and CEO of Exclaim Technologies, Inc., an applications service provider in the business-to-business Internet market. Before that, he served as senior vice president and corporate officer of the consulting group Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC), a $16 billion company.

"Our vision with God's help remains the same: Giving every person on earth multiple opportunities to accept Jesus," says Wilson.