Why do great men start out well but fail to finish well? Wayde Goodall has documented this in his books, “Why Great Men Fall” and “Success Kills”. This information teleseminar is hosted by Os Hillman. Great insights on how you can finish well. Recorded on April 21, 2009.

Listen as Wayde describes the traps leaders fall into and ways to avoid the pitfalls of moral and ethical failures. Wayde has observed this quagmire for decades, counseling those who have thrown away their families and their futures for a moment of pleasure or profit. Profiling well-known leaders who’ve had a fall from grace, Goodall notes the common traits, warning signs and, most importantly, a plan for avoiding such deadly traps of the soul. Learn winning strategies to rise above it all.

Dr. Wayde Goodall is currently Executive Director of Benevolence for Bethesda Ministries in Colorado Springs, CO, and dedicated to serving children of poverty in the world’s developing countries.

For more than three decades, Goodall has encouraged and ministered to individuals, community leaders, and pastors. He is a frequent speaker at churches, ministers’ seminars, and conventions throughout the country and internationally.

Goodall has written and co-authored 13 books. A former missionary, he has served as a senior pastor, and created counseling programs focused on marriage, family, and parenting available to more than 32,000 ministers.

He holds a MA Degree in Counseling from Central Michigan University and a BA Degrees in Bible and Psychology from Southern California College. He also earned Doctor of Ministry degrees from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and Northwest Graduate School of the Ministry.


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