So often God recruits His change agents in the midst of personal crisis situations. Every follower of Christ yearns to experience His presence and His power and to be used in His Kingdom. We are all part of a larger story that God desires us be a part of. Os Hillman has studied the lives of change agents and has discovered six unique stages that God often takes them through in their spiritual pilgrimage toward becoming a change agent.

  1. Divine Circumstances – God initiates a personal encounter with the change agent, often through a personal crisis.
  2. Character Development – God takes the change agent through a series of character tests designed to develop humility and trust.
  3. Isolation Period – A time of separation from past dependencies realigns values to a biblical economy.
  4. Personal Cross – God brings the change agent to experience his or her personal cross.
  5. Problem Solvers – Change agents become problem solvers throughinvention and entrepreneurship.
  6. Networks – Change happens as a small number of change agents band together.

Discover God’s unique stages of His Change Agents through this insightful message.

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2 reviews for 6 Stages of a Change Agent – DVD Video, by Os Hillman

  1. Jerry Neal

    I highly recommend!

  2. Richard Rodriguez

    The charge for this video was way too much for the content. I was expecting a more detailed teaching that I can use in our Bible studyLike the one I have on the Seven Mountains by Lance W.

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