Recorded December 10th

Do you want to know what your rights are as a Christian in the workplace? There are many misconceptions about the freedoms we have in America, and how those freedoms apply in the workplace.

During this call, you will discover:

  • Rights you have as a Christian in the workplace
  • What the law says about evangelism in a secular work environment
  • Your rights to host Bible studies legally at work and how
  • How you can live by your beliefs as a Christian employer

You will also receive a FREE PDF download of the 40-page eBook, “An Employer’s Guide to Faith in the Workplace” with registration of $1 or more – OR – if you register for $20 or more, you will be sent the physical book in the mail.

*Please note, this call will be about Christian legal rights in the United States only.


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Douglas H. Napier, Esq., serves as Senior Counsel, Executive Vice President, and Chief Alliance Officer for Alliance Defending Freedom. Mr. Napier has more than 25 years legal experience, and as a third-generation attorney and seminary graduate, Mr. Napier believes law is a calling that can help solve critical issues and improve people’s lives. As Chief Alliance Officer, Mr. Napier is focused on serving, strengthening and expanding the strategic alliance to faithfully defend Religious Liberty, the Sanctity of Life, and Marriage and the Family.