Hope & Help: the 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom
Teleseminar Mp3 download, with Lori Little
Hosted by Os Hillman
Recorded January 13, 2011

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Lori and Os discuss her book by the same name.

Lori, a single mom herself, encourages fellow single moms to flourish in the midst of your overwhelming circumstances, leading you to live a life of purpose and meaning, focus and order, balance and harmony.

The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom equips you with positive instruction and practical tools that will inspire you to be a healthy single mom raising health children.

The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom come from 21 verses of scripture the Lord gave Lori one night when she just wanted to give up and quit after being a single mom for two years. Lori became a single mom when her son Eric was just eighteen months old, and he is sixteen years old now.

The Lord promised Lori that night if she followed these 21 verses of scripture, everything was going to be OK for her as a single mom. Lori spent the next seven years researching those 21 verses inside and out Biblically, along with anything she could find in the Christian bookstore that related to the topic of that scripture to create these principles. She then built a model and life plan for herself as a single mom off of each scripture that she lives out faithfully every day. God was right! Everything is OK and she is “flourishing” in life as a single mom from the 21 Principles. Her son Eric is doing terrific also! He is deeply involved in his church, a straight “A” honor student and captain of his high school basketball and golf team.


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Lori Little is the founder of Hope and Help Ministry. Lori is the former director of John Maxwell's THRiVE! Becoming a Woman of Influence, and she also spent 15 years in sales and corporate business development for two Fortune 500 companies. More importantly, she has the understanding and commitment gained from more than 7 years as a single mom to her son Eric.