What is the root behind addictions? The need to be loved, according to Pastor Henry Wright. If you struggle with any kind of addiction, alcohol, drugs, sex, this message is for you. Presented in a simple and very understandable format, you will gain an understanding why Henry Wright says that the root of all addictions is the need to be loved. We are separated from the love of God which leads us to engage in things that can deaden the pain that exists in our lives. A practical help for those who need help beating their addictions.

Areas that produce addictions:

  • Legal drugs
  • Illegal drugs
  • Spiritual bewitchment
  • Inordinate affection
  • Ungodly relationships
  • False burden bearing

How can we take our life back?

This teaching not only identifies the root of all addictions, but provides insights to help you walk out of bondage into freedom.

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