What? God needs me to pray? But if God is in control, why should I bother praying?

“This message changed the way I pray! Every believer needs to listen to this teaching on understanding authority and prayer.” – Os Hillman

Craig Hill teaches on the power of prayer—to listen and pray without ceasing so that God’s will can be accomplished on the earth. Understand the authority God has given to you—start praying!

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2 reviews for Why Pray? – Audio CD, by Craig Hill

  1. Linda Clavijo

    There was so much good information in this teaching that I took my CD and let my dad hear it- I ended up leaving it with him to share with his church and this is my second time to buy this CD because I want to hear it again and also to share it with my friends in my bible study class.

  2. R Steven Blair

    The message in “Why Pray” is simple, direct, and powerful. It immediately has shifted my perspective on prayer. I am now more motivated to pray than ever before, and more importantly, to listen to the Holy Spirit as He prompts me to pray for what the Father wants to release on the earth. May this message bring glory and blessing to the fame of Jesus Christ.

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About Craig Hill

Pastor Craig Hill and his wife, Jan, live near Denver, Colorado, USA. Craig and Jan give senior leadership to Family Foundations International (FFI). FFI is a non-profit Christian ministry through which life-changing seminars are conducted in many nations of the world. Craig has written several books, including Living on the Third River and Wealth, Riches & Money.

Through his past experience in business, missions, counseling and pastoral ministry, God has given Craig unique insight into marriage, family, financial and interpersonal relationships. This has resulted in his ability to identify for many people, root causes of relational conflict, compulsive habits, low self-esteem, workaholism, lack of financial provision and other undesirable life patterns, which are repeated from one generation to the next. By interweaving personal stories with biblical truths, God has anointed Craig to pierce through the veil of the mind to minister to the depths of the heart, resulting in real life change for many.