There are “secrets” or principles that, if we learn to function by these Kingdom principles in our day-to-day lives, we will function at a higher level of anointing and productivity. In this informative interview with Paul Cuny, learn practical Kingdom principles that will help you live out your faith in the workplace. Hosted by Os Hillman.


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Paul Cuny, President of MarketPlace Leadership International, has spent most of his life serving God as an entrepreneur and business owner. This platform of business has equipped him to speak from a unique position about leadership and the Kingdom Economy. As part of the ministry to marketplace leaders around the globe, he has become a friend and counselor to government leaders as well, and has ministered personally to leaders of nations, ambassadors, and presidential candidates. Paul is an author, an international conference and church speaker on the subject of the Kingdom, and an ordained minister. His messages come from study of God’s word and the closet of prayer, as well as a life application of these principles.

Over the last several years, Paul has delivered the message of the Kingdom Economy in Africa, Central and South America, and the U.S. He has spoken on international TV and radio about the subject of the marketplace and the Kingdom Economy. His messages are challenging, practical, and filled with Biblical truths for marketplace people to apply to everyday life in the workplace. Paul is a powerful teacher with a gift to make biblical principles come alive for us in the market place.