“I hate you God!”

“Is this the way you treat your kids!?”

“I am done with this Christianity. I have been faithful to you all these years and you are going to let my wife leave me?! That’s it for me. 1 guess it’s true what all my unbelieving friends say about you. You’re not real at all. Maybe you have been a crutch for me all these years. Now that the real challenges come, you are nowhere to be found.”

The tears began to flow from Ben’s eyes as he stood among the tall oaks on top of the wooded hill behind his home in the Appalachians of North Carolina. The forest floor was carpeted with the red and gold leaves of early autumn, but the beauty was lost on him. He had come here to have it out with God.

Ben had been a Christian for twenty-five years. He had actively served Christ, investing his life in others, giving his money, leading Bible studies. He ran a multi-million dollar mortgage business. His company was known in the growing metropolitan community for its support of Christian causes. Then, the mortgage crisis hit. The entire mortgage industry began to hemorrhage. It was like a huge mudslide that could not be stopped and Ben was in its unsympathetic path.

Life appeared to be on a downward spiral with no end in sight and he was panicking. His twenty-year retirement account of half a million dollars had been used to stay afloat for the past two years, and he was down to his last thousand. Filing for personal bankruptcy seemed like his only option. Creditors were calling. He couldn’t sleep at night. And his reputation in the community was being questioned. Worst of all, his wife of twelve years had just informed him that she had had enough. She was leaving him.

What happens next in Ben’s life leads to a remarkable encounter and a journey of discovery for Ben. Join Ben on his journey and discover how his freedom could lead to your own.

“I just completed reading your new book, The Hidden Place, and it was profound!Thank you for sharing so beautifully the deep insights from your own life through the main character, Benjamin. The story led me to deep repentance, yet a refreshed Hope in God’s Calling on my life. May all who read it learn that God wants an intimate and loving relationship with each of us. Through our humble submission to the atonement of Jesus Christ for our sins, we will find the right path to His Will, His Plan, His Purpose for our lives. Praying God will be glorified through this book and lives will be drawn back to an intimacy with Almighty God.” – Steve

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