Charis wasn’t always the best with money. After constantly overextending her finances, she found herself in an underwater mortgage and over $36,000 in student loan debt. After she and her husband got married, their combined debt totaled over $350,000.

Seven years later, Charis and her husband Justin are completely debt-free, with the exception of their mortgage. In just 11 months, Charis was able to pay off $27,000 of her remaining student loan debt, attributing it to what she calls “Alt Money Choices.” By creating a journal and making different choices with money, she was able to save over $12,000 by using coupons, choosing a less expensive option, or not spending the money at all. As she journaled her progress, she realized that small savings really does add up big over time.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How small choices can really add up
  • Why changing your money habits has a big impact over time
  • Charis’ strategy for paying off $27,000 of debt in 11 months
  • How to make saving money fun
  • The science of making better choices
  • Money mentalities that separate the rich from everyone else
  • Simple steps you can take to save thousands


“I loved Charis’ book. I couldn’t stop reading it, and I finished it in a couple of hours. What I love about Charis’ story is she’s so methodical about her process, and she’s not preaching at people, she’s teaching people how to get their money in order.” 

-Clark Howard, Consumer Expert, Radio Talk Show Host, and New York Times bestselling author

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