Learn how to enter the exciting new career field of Professional Level Intercession with our exclusive introductory book! Take your part in an organization’s spiritual advisory team (SAT) for your client’s organizational and personal well being and the well being of his/her family. This book is the abbreviated version of our comprehensive manual “Let Heaven Invade the Seven Mountains of Culture – 7M Intercessor Certification Guide”. This book will get you started and is the first step on the path to our Professional Intercessor (CPI) two-and-a-half day onsite class (classes forming monthly) or 10 week online, one-on-one mentoring course. Do you feel called by God to bring God’s presence, his power and his revelation to leaders outside the four walls of the church and into marketplace? To affect an entire society, we must affect all Seven Mountains of culture, which include business, arts and entertainment, media, government, education, church, and family. Is God calling you to invade the marketplace and to take back these mountains of culture for His kingdom? Do you want to learn how to get paid for it and how to start a business of your own using tried and true strategies and techniques? If so, this is the book for you! In I Chron. 12:32, scripture relates that the 200 chiefs, the men of Issachar, knew the times and seasons and what Israel should do. In this hour, God is again raising up anointed men and women who know how to touch heaven and bring the wisdom from above down to earth on behalf of those greatly beloved by God-His businessmen and women and those leaders in all Seven Mountains or Spheres of society. Those anointed men and women, instructed by God’s wisdom, will lead the charge in rallying around these leaders. This book will assist those anointed men and women to fulfill that Kingdom goal. Is your passion to see leaders in all areas of our society surrounded and protected, loosed from all types of bondages and hindrances and released into their respective destinies? Join Dr. Charles Robinson of WISE Ministries International on a journey into over 100 enterprises of all shapes and sizes to learn the risk and rewards and the tools and techniques of the trade – the new trade and exciting ministry and career of what C. Peter Wagner calls “Professional Level Intercession.”


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