If we gave 100 people $10,000 today, what results would we see one year from now? We would probably see that:

  • 80% would have $0 left
  • 16% would have $10,500
  • 4% would have between $20,000 and $1,000,000

Why? Because 96% of us have never been taught to practice the Five Secrets that result in natural, supernatural, and generational wealth multiplication.

Discover five simple biblical principles that anyone could implement, but most people don’t. Implementing these Five Secrets in your life could radically change not only your current financial situation, but the financial future of your children and grandchildren.

“I wish I had this book when I was in my early twenties! Reading and applying the information in Craig Hill’s book, Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know, would have made me a very wealthy man ten times over had I known and followed the very simple advice he gives in this book. It is a must read for every person, especially every young person. Do yourself and your children a favor, make this required reading as soon as they are old enough to grasp the concept of money. Well done Craig!”- Os Hillman, President, Marketplace Leaders, author of TGIF Today God Is First and Change Agent

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38 reviews for Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don’t Know, by Craig Hill


    This book was very interesting and very informative. Made me see things in a new light. Thanks.

  2. Marcia Vogl

    Several people have been asking me questions about financial management. This book is clear, simple, and direct. I have recommended it to many since.

  3. SM

    The five wealth secrets which Craig Hill shares can establish a solid foundation for our children and ourselves. One of the biggest differences between high income individuals and others is they have documented their plan and they refer back to it to guage their progress or make adjustments.

    This book provides guidance which can be easily implemented. Although many people live from paycheck to paycheck change can take place one dollar at a time, in a series of small simple steps. We often forget that money is a tool which can be put to work.

    Many years ago when my son was still a child, we employed a similar plan. Unfortunately, at that time, tithing and investing were not a part of our vocabulary. Read this book and make them part of yours. The seeds you plant now will result in a multi-fold harvest down the road.

  4. david markell

    Simple and concise communication.
    Great practical resource.
    I wish I had received this book when I was 20, and followed its practical instruction.

  5. Tracy Kehrer

    Every Godly leader should read Craig Hill’s book on the Five Wealth Secrets if they want to build financially for their children’s children. It is well-written and easy to read in a couple hours time, but the secrets will remain with you like small gold nuggets!

  6. David Abernethy


  7. Hunter Owen

    Would have loved to have read this 10 years ago, but doubt it would have had the impact it did now.

    I plan on ordering more for friends and family.

  8. Robert Wallace

    My whole experience with TGIF from purchase to delivery has been awesome.

    Many thanks!!!


  9. Peggy Goodwyn-Vidal

    I purchased the book and was in the process of reading it (still am), love the teaching. My husband saw it and finished it very quickly. He thought it was great, too. We’ll most likely purchase more for family members and close friends, it’s well worth it. Thank you.

  10. lynne

    This book is sooo easy to read and understand when it comes to finances. I am actually very upset that I didn’t find this book years ago to help me figure out my finances. I never was taught about finances and this book is a no brainer. Awesome read.


    This book is very practical and shows clearly the steps to take for someone desiring to walk into purpose and destiny by being financially free.

  12. Hui Chung

    This book challenge us to manage our spending which we always try to avoid. The 5 jars will set strong foundations. Preparing for at least two generations, this value is never taught in any school or any financial books, this is so necessary .

  13. yunkong , clarence Ku

    I would like to order 50 more books to present this to a group of men during the retreat. I need to know the shipment time to reach the event place in Singapore.
    Event date is mid August 2012.

    I order this book sometime back, I forgot that I order this book, please respond so that I could place my order.

  14. Elizabeth L Detweiler

    God’s timing is perfect…but I couldn’t help wondering if we’d be in a better place today had we had such a clear and concise teaching available some time back. We may have to order some more…I’ve given my spare away!

  15. Leland Madsen

    Very Helpful.

  16. Brent Feyter

    This book really helped to put a picture in my mind as to what Gods heart is for our personal finances. A father teaching his son the wisdom of Godly principles. Thank you Jesus.

  17. Klaus Daubmann

    The book helped me a lot.

  18. Bill Zwartbol

    A practical book on finances that almost everybody can understand and apply.



  20. LJC

    This is what my parents tried to teach me.
    Now I’ve purchased the great Biblical wisdom for my grandchildren.

  21. harry wyche

    Very informative, but if you are older than in your twenties or made a few mistakes you musy clean up your debts before doing what is prescribed in the book. But is it possible.

  22. Anthony

    Excellent book!

  23. Joyfully-in-the-minority

    I have enjoyed shopping at TGIF Bookstore and have sent numerous friends to you for this same outstanding book. My husband & I benefitted from studying this book together as we are making new financial decisions since my retirement. This book was very affirming for us and strengthened our common language for finances.

  24. Cabangile Mngomezulu

    In the middle of reading the 2nd chapter and tears, I had to stop, face the giant which was – to write down my purpose on earth for the 1st time in 55yrs! I’ve always thought my purpose was my occupation which is teaching but I was wrong.
    When my daughter came for Thanksgiving from college, I humbled myself, asked for forgiveness for failing to include life purpose and finance as part of parenting.
    Now I finally understand, it was really the Lord who protected me from getting credit cards, every application was rejected and I don’t own even a single one.
    This book is 2nd to the Bible, I told a friend to purchase a copy because I can’t loan mine since it’s my reference. I’ve already started cutting out and reorganizing my debt.

  25. Mary Ehichioya

    I was immensely blessed and enlightened by the product. My only regret is that I did know about it earlier in my life. However, I have started to put to work what I learnt from the book. It is an excellent product.

  26. Paula

    Great book….it’s a “come to Jesus!!” type story concerning your finances. Easy to read, easy to follow, easy to apply to everyday life.

  27. Oda Kyle

    I found it a helpful book with many good sound tips on spending money, etc. However, I lent it to a friend and she felt, in the story that the Jewish boy was taking advantage of his friends and making money off them. In spite of this, I still consider it a valid book with many principles that are useful.

  28. Mike Hendricks

    I’ve read many books on finance and wealth management/creation. I was surprised how differently this book resonated with me. I couldn’t wait to plow through it’s entirety so I could start implementing it’s principles with my wife and children! The longer we waited the longer it took to begin building the generational legacy we’ve ALL been called to create! Enjoy this book and buy more for your friends!!!

  29. James H.

    Great book. A must read.

  30. Dave Guthrie

    I currently 60 years old but I wish I had read and had the discipline to implement the principals in this book when I was in my late teens. I found Craig and Earl Pits’ shared book; Wealth, Riches and Money to be an excellent follow up read that provides practical application of God’s principals and a more thorough Biblical explanation for those principals. I wish the “Church” would do a better job of teaching these basic disciple principals. The “Church” would be dominate influence in the world if its people applied these principals.

  31. Terrance Turner

    This was an excellent read! It is full of Godly wisdom, principles, and concepts that anyone can immediately implement! Thank you Mr. Hill!

  32. Ivar Zemmels

    The Craig Hill plan to grow one’s wealth, based on age-old Biblical principles, has changed my view of finances and my life in general. Excellent, convincing presentation!

  33. Pat Maloney

    Thank you for good service

  34. Annette Sova

    I thought it helped me even more with choosing and mentoring team members.

  35. Wayne Buhler

    I have read the first two chapters and decided to share it with my wife and daughter. Both have remarked about how much wisdom they have gained from this initial reading. We are looking forward to finishing this book and acting upon it.


    Great read thus far. It has definitely helped me view how I spend money in a different way.

  37. Filomena Almeida

    My words are the same Os Hillman wrote – I would like have read this book when I was 20.

  38. Philip Koitelel

    This is one of the greatest books I have read! I am just halfway through and have already learnt amazing life changing Biblical truths and facts. Some of which I have been practicing and many that I am learning for the first time. I highly recommend reading by all but especially young people in high school and college and Christians struggling with financial management issues in their lives.

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