What’s Inside Your Personal Monday Switch Kit?

This interactive, video-driven bundle includes:

  1. The Monday Switch experience guide book
  2. Six creative learning videos
  3. The Switch Quiz
  4. The Monday Moan Meter
  5. Monday Morning Atheist book
  6. The Monday Text Alerts
  7. Downloads and more

Encountering God’s Power on Monday

Your Journey begins! Interactive and personal–The Monday Switch Kit will simply and practically transform your Mondays in only six weeks. This interactive learning tool leads you through an exhilarating encounter of God’s purpose, peace, and power in your work. Whether you hate your job or love it, God has more for you than you can imagine. His desire is for you to thrive at work, not merely survive. Get ready, you will not work the same after this!

How Can The Monday Switch Kit Be Used?

Each person needs a Kit for personal use. The Monday Challenge can be engaged individually, with small groups, work teams, church implementation or larger ministry campaigns. It’s your choice. Grab a bunch of kits and get started.

Here Are the Steps You Will Take

When you start this experience you will use The Monday Switch Kit to journey through 6 unique steps over six weeks.

  • Monday Moan
    How much do you moan on Monday?
  • The Switch
    Learn to switch God ON at work
  • Wired for Work
    God created us to work. We are hard-wired for it.
  • Short Circuit
    Learn the work fallacy that almost everyone believes.
  • CROSSwired
    We can be wired into the power of the cross while we work!
  • MPowered
    When we work with God, we are Monday-Powered!

Benefits of The Monday Switch encounter:

Shows you how to work WITH God instead of FOR Him or WITHOUT Him.

Provides motivational reminders to keep God switch on at work.

Reveals how God’s view of work has been distorted.

Provides easy to follow steps to stay Powered ON every Monday.


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Doug Spada, CEO WorkLife

Doug's passion is helping God's people “Thrive at Work on Monday”. He is the founder and CEO of WorkLife, Inc. where he develops innovative resources to help people experience God while they work. Doug uses his unique professional and military experience to speak internationally on God's plan and purpose for our work as well as the church's role in that plan.

In his book, Monday Morning Atheist, Doug created a persuasive case based on 8 years of research about why Christians switch God off at work and what to do about it. A Monday Morning Atheist is someone who loves God but works like He does not exist.

As a decorated Navy veteran, Doug served during the cold war onboard US Navy fast–attack nuclear submarines. He studied, and then was an instructor at the Navy's top–secret nuclear training facility at the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. Doug has received numerous commendations during his career, including an Admiral's Citation and the Navy Achievement Medal.

In addition to his education in engineering, Doug received a degree in Business Organizational Management. He founded a energy company and developed it into a flourishing energy and utility services firm in Southern California during the 1990's.