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What distinguishes you as a follower of Christ in the marketplace?

Living out kingdom principles and displaying godly character are minimum standards, but there has to be more than just working hard and harvesting the fruits of your labor. God is not limited to a pulpit, but where is the tangible evidence of a supernatural God with you every day in your business?

God With You at Work will validate you in your calling as a businessperson. It will launch you into a whole new realm of experiencing more from a partnership with God in your daily activity. Andy’s personal journey and the stories from other real-life business people will shatter your ‘normal’ and become your stepping stone to access greater things.

The tangible Presence of God is the distinguishing factor that causes you to stand out.

It’s not compulsory, but it is an invitation. Do you want it?

Teleseminar with Andy Mason
Recorded January 22nd 2015

In this teleseminar, you will discover:

  • How to bring God’s presence into your work life
  • Andy’s story of how he came to Christ and the faith and work message
  • Stories of everyday business people that God has used to bring heaven to earth
  • How having “heaven culture” can impact productivity and your bottom line
  • Much more

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“If you’ve heard even a third of Andy Mason’s story, you know how gutsy he is. He’s beyond gutsy—he’s mercenary! But he’s not Wall-Street mercenary. Andy is mercenary about proving God loves entrepreneurs and business. The Kingdom is open for business 24/7/365, and Andy’s got the stories to prove it. If you’ve never been certain that God wants to break into your world and rock your business…if you’ve built your business with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake because you didn’t possess total conviction that business success is a holy pursuit… you need this book. Great opportunities abound for entrepreneurs, marketers and salespeople, yet political and economic turmoil threaten us. Here, Andy demonstrates that the wisdom and generosity of God overcome all.”

Perry Marshall, Bestselling author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing and The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords

“God With You at Work will inspire, encourage, and equip you to new levels of partnering with God in the marketplace that you never imagined possible. This book is a training manual for followers of Christ to impart a clear understanding of their calling, anointing and focus and to view their careers as their primary expression for building God’s kingdom. It will help equip marketplace believers to become spiritual and natural leaders, establishing the Kingdom of God in every sphere of influence. If you are longing to get equipped with supernatural power in order to see societies transformed, then this book is for you!”

Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader, Bethel Church, California, USA. Co-Founder of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Author of The Supernatural Ways of Royalty and Spirit Wars

“As a medical doctor, I know the challenges of integrating my faith into my workplace. I have found such joy and peace as I have done so, and have seen the lives of my colleagues and patients enriched by the love and power of God at work through me. Through God With You at Work, Andy can help you know how to integrate the secrets of the kingdom of God into your everyday life, and also enable you to dream and trust for bigger and greater things.”

Dr. Pete Carter MB ChB, General practitioner, Kent, England. Author of Unwrapping Lazarus.

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Andy Mason comes from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. With his wife, Janine, their four elementary aged children and ten suitcases, they arrived in Redding, California in August of 2008. They had a dream to give their lives to develop people. Little did they know they would soon be partnering with Danny Silk at Bethel Church and helping develop an organization to build the lives of people.

In January 2011, Andy and Janine published their first book Dream Culture: Bringing Dreams to Life. This has now been translated into a second language and they are working on a workbook and DVD workshop to continue to expand the message of hope and empowerment.

Prior to coming to California, Andy's background was in relationship management and agri-business consultancy. Working for the leading Agricultural Bank and a national consultancy firm, his primary role was in helping clients define what success was to them, then partnering with them in developing strategic plans towards what that success looked like. This ranged from increasing production, profit, or net worth through to facilitating the succession of the family business and restoring relationships between family members.

During vacations Andy was involved in international community development, having helped establish a microfinance project, orphan program and leadership development in eastern Uganda. Andy was also involved for ten years in the leadership team of a local New Zealand church. At the core of all this was the continuing heart desire to help people discover purpose and resource them in whatever way possible to succeed in life.

Andy and his wife Janine live out their core motivation in helping people discover purpose and empowering them to live it well. This has been their purpose in building Dream Culture - catalyzing cultures where people encourage and empower one another to discover their destiny and live their dream. This has involved workshops, coaching and culture development with organizations ranging from churches and schools to businesses and community centers. Dream Culture continues to expand with growing influence in U.S.A, New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

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